About NTPS

National Transit Pass System

The system provides seamless issuance of transit pass. This system helps in monitoring and keeping records of transit permits for inter-state and intra-state transportation of timber and bamboo from private lands/government/private depot and other minor forest produce.

Key features of National Transit Pass System

  • It is a role based and work flow based application available as desktop based web portal as well as mobile application.
  • Online registration and submission of the applications for Transit Permit (TP) or No Objection Certificate (NOC) through web-portal and mobile app
  • Online application for Species grown on private land which are exempted from transit pass regime and Online application submission for Species grown on private land which are not exempted from transit pass regime.
  • Online generation of Transit Permit or NOC on the basis of category of species.
  • E-payment system: Payment can be made online through mobile app/web portal before downloading T.P.

Key benefits of National Transit Pass System

  • Expedite issuance of transit permits for timber, bamboo and other minor forest produce without physically going to forest offices.
  • Replace manual paper based transit system by online transit system
  • One permit for whole India for transit of timber, bamboo and other minor forest produce for ease of doing business.
  • Seamless movement across state borders from origin to destination through help of Mobile App.
  • Prevent hardships of timber and bamboo producers, farmers and transporters in obtaining permits and at forest check posts.
  • Promotion of agro-forestry activities.
  • Saving of transportation cost and time which will benefit farmers and traders and will in turn help in increasing farmer's income